He Makes This Much From 30,000 YouTube Subscribers

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2 min readJan 21, 2022
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This week, I’ve been exploring YouTube and YouTube success stories. It’s no secret that it’s possible to make a living from creating content on YouTube.

The most common way to earn is from YouTube AdSense. Simply put, you get part payment of what advertisers pay to advertise on YouTube. For this to happen however, you’ll need to have had your channel monetized — 1000 subscribers, and 4000 watch hours.

Other means of income from YouTube include brand deals and sponsorships, affiliates, and selling some form of product or service directly to your audience.

So, through my research, I came across this incredible insight into the earnings of a YouTuber with 30,000 YouTube subscribers.

His name is David Roth, and the channel name is Snowta.

Snowta is gaming channel for the game league of legends which David had grown attached to. The channel has had over 11 million views from about 118 videos.

According to Social Blade, the channel makes an estimated $72 — $1.1k per month, and an estimated yearly earnings of $861 — $13.8k. Heads up, these are only estimates and may not be accurate.

According to David however, the lifetime earnings from YouTube AdSense at the time of recording was $5,600.08.

He’s made some extra cash from brand deals (about $2,200) and a course he created on ‘How to Get Better at League of Legends’.

In a nutshell, David estimates to have made about $10,000 from the channel. If you ask me, that’s impressive.

It’s possible to make money on YouTube, creating videos on topics or hobbies you’re passionate about. But the key takeaway from David’s story is this, don’t just rely on AdSense. Explore other earning opportunities available as a result of being a YouTube content creator.

Personally, I have a YouTube channel close to meeting up with monetization requirements but I’ve already been able to make over $150 just from brand deal thanks to a video going viral.

It’s just a start with many more earning opportunities to come.

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