Ditching Oberlo for DSers and Why You Should Too

Lester Love
3 min readAug 26, 2020

When I was barely getting orders dropshipping, manual fulfillment which involved clicking the “order product” button, was the way to go. Time savings wasn’t an issue. I was just happy because I was finally receiving orders. The joy of fulfilling those few orders was greater than everything else.

Then I started grossing about $100 — $200 a day, about 10–15 orders, and I discovered the captcha box after fulfilling a few orders. You had to solve the captca puzzle before fulfilling anymore orders. This started becoming a pain. The thought of bulk fulfillment in a single click started lingering. I procrastinated researching the alternatives out there till it happened that I’ll have over 40 orders to fulfill on any given day.

But before I’ll come across DSers, Oberlo suggested an upgrade to their Basic Plan of $29.99 which would provide the option of bulk fulfillment. So I did upgrade to it and for my first few over 40 orders a day, I did fulfill with Oberlo; I placed multiple orders with one click. For the given price, that was still time consuming. I’ll come back to why. But from this point, I started searching for the best alternative to Oberlo and that’s when I came across DSers.

What is Dsers?

Dsers is the official dropshipping partner app for AliExpress and just like Oberlo, comes with a Shopify plugin and Chrome extension for easy imports of products from AliExpress to your Shopify store. The promise of Dsers was time savings of 97% when it came to order fulfillment.

Why Dsers?

Now, let me tell you why I fell in love with Dsers. There were multiple steps involved in using Oberlo’s bulk order fulfillment system and you could only bulk fulfill about 30 orders at a time. This meant I was stuck in a loop.You select the first 30, continue to the status page, and click on the continue bulk fulfillment button, and then watch Oberlo place every single order on AliExpress whiles also solving the captcha puzzle when ever it came up. Once it was done, you’ll be taken to the awaiting payment page on AliExpress and then finally make payment. Then the cycle continues again.

With Dsers however, it was truly a one click order for a 100 orders per page at a time — you’ll only need to filter…



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